Getting Around Tampa

Tampa International Airport
When you are traveling to Tampa from anywhere across the United States or from another country, flying into Tampa by plane will get you here much quicker. The Tampa International Airport serves many of the major airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and Southwest Airlines to name a few. The Tampa airport also has several methods of transportation from the airport, getting you to downtown hotels and businesses in just a few minutes.

Private Shuttles
There are many private shuttles throughout the city that are operated by local hotels and businesses as well as by the airport itself, providing you with convenient transportation to and from local attractions and activities. Whether you need to be taken from the airport to your hotel, or from the hotel to another destination, you can find a shuttle that will take you where you need to go.

When you need to get to your destination quickly and conveniently, you can catch a taxicab in many locations throughout town, taking you to the next destination. You can often find taxis waiting outside of major hotels and attractions as well as at the airport that can pick you up in just minutes and take you to your next destination. There are many taxicab companies around town that offer you convenient transportation in a timely manner.

Rental Car
If you need more flexibility for your transportation, rent a car at the local rental car agencies in town. Car rental agencies can be located at many of the major hotels as well as at the local airport. Renting a vehicle at any of the agencies gives you the opportunity to select the right type of vehicle for you, from a shuttle bus to a compact car. The flexibility of renting a car allows you to travel anywhere you need at any time of the day or night.

Public Bus Service
If you need a convenient way to get around town, but are not concerned about time schedules, check out the public bus system. The Tampa bus system uses regular routes and bus stops that can deliver you to locations that are just steps from local attractions and activities. Riding the bus is very inexpensive and can pick you up in front of your hotel or any business center around town. The local bus also includes a route to and from the airport.